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Georgia Cammann in Mexico

Georgia Cammann

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I came into this world with a deep sense of purpose and natural, intuitive gifts and have followed my life’s path as an artist, activist, adventurer, passionate seeker of knowledge, teacher and healer. As I became increasingly hungry to discover what was inside of me, I worked to develop myself on ALL levels. It soon became apparent that there was a very noticeable payoff. I “let go”of the issues and situations which didn’t serve me or others in a healthy way and developed a new perspective and way of living.

I know my personal work on myself must be on-going in order for me to be effective in my work with others and I firmly believe that’s the case with anyone in the healing profession. There is no such thing as “perfect” but we must walk our talk to be effective. We are all in this “human soup” together!

It became clear to me very early on, that although I have been trained in the physics and use of many different types of energy systems, my own personal style when doing healing work would have to include a great deal of shamanic work. I work from a natural shamanic energetic which I have honed over the years through a lot of study, practice and mentoring. There is a growing interest in this ancient way which works closely with the natural world. I believe this is because there is a natural, often unconscious level of resonation in people and a growing need for connecting again to Mother Earth . It has a great deal to teach us when we know how to recognize it and can begin to “remember” our natural connection to it which many have forgotten.

The ancient cultures around the world understood and deeply connected with this. They honored the value of living in harmony with Mother Nature. As many “modern” societies grew and the pursuit of the more “material” and technological endeavors followed, they began to lose touch with this natural wisdom. The breakdown of the economy, various natural life transitions, etc., have left many people feeling a void and yearning within for something more meaningful which connects their spirit to something much bigger and more substantial.

In 1973, I took a course on energy work and the connection between our minds and the physical world. It resonated deeply within me and started me on a journey to learn all I could about this fascinating way of perceiving my life and the rest of the world out there. All during this time, I searched in earnest for an opportunity to begin more formal training to even better understand these concepts and how to put them to use on a daily basis. Through my dedication to understanding and honing the principles of energy, I now live them every day and use my intuitive gifts, knowledge and experience to teach and empower others to also discover who they are authentically here to be as well.

I knew I would find the formal training I had been seeking, as I planned my return home to the Northwest. That opportunity came right to my front door in 2001, on my second day back. As soon as I entered the classroom for the first time, I knew I had found what I had been calling in for myself. Since then, although I’m no longer surprised, I am amazed at this work and the profound way it manifests on so many levels, especially when I stay open and aware.

Synchronicity has become a normal way of life for me and a beacon that guides me to experiences I never dreamed I would have. It has led me to do work with youth, adults and other healers here in the US, including local Native American tribes as well as in Jamaica, Mexico and Uganda. I go to these places with a specific intention to “sow seeds of connectedness and compassion” in order to shift perceptions on all sides and to help empower women and children who haven’t had a voice because of cultural belief systems. I believe we are all connected and we “reap what we sow”.

If ever there has been a time to combine the wisdom of our ancient and modern healing systems and earnestly work together to heal our Earth, her sentient beings and ourselves, it is NOW! A profound shift in consciousness for the Higher Good continues to take place and I strongly believe my “authentic purpose” in life is to help bring these changes forward for a better world for all of us where we are free to speak our truths, be honored for our authentic selves and live in peace and prosperity.

My formal experience and training:

Training In Power Academy of Meditation and Healing:

This involves the use of a combination of ancient and modern healing systems including Shamanic and Tibetan principles of energy work and “vibrational psychology”. By working in this interplay of physics and human dynamics, I am able to get to a much deeper level with my clients. This system is the core for all other healing work I do and which I continue to train in personally and professionally on an on-going basis. It uses the very real connection between spirituality and the science of physics and is the “vehicle” for the manifestation of our spiritual knowing. The classes are taught and the healing work is actually done using the physics of energy to go much deeper and faster to recognize and remove issues and shift the client’s perspective to enable them to heal and replace what has blocked them somewhere in their life with something much healthier that serves them in a more productive way. The personal insight this method of healing work has given me has changed my life in very profound ways.

EIP (Interference Patterns of the DNA):

This technique is based on cutting edge, scientific research which shows that in addition to inheriting our physical characteristics, the beliefs, thoughts and emotions of our ancestors are also encoded in our DNA. These deeply imbedded patterns influence our health, relationships and how we live our lives in ways we aren’t even aware.

Certified Regression Hypnotherapist:

This is a well-documented technique used to access information held in our subconscious minds and/or cellular memory which our DNA brings forward accumulatively with each lifetime. This is done through relaxation techniques and guidance as the client steps into the role of observer to gain insight and clarity regarding issues he/she may be facing currently.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique):

This is a powerful healing tool which combines Mind/Body Medicine and Acupuncture at the same time. It produces a synergistic effect that allows an individual to effectively access their unconscious where needed information is often stored.


A very effective and powerful technique which uses applied kinesiology and muscle testing, this process works directly with the body’s electro-magnetic field and enables me to identify and focus on any states of “dis-ease” in the body. It’s efficiently able to help get to the core of an issue, recognize where it began and help to create a shift in thinking and behavior as the ”old” pattern is replaced by a “new” way, which serves that person in a healthier way.

Reiki Master:

This is a very ancient and well-known, Japanese technique for reducing stress, promoting relaxation and healing through the body’s energy systems or “qi” (our life-force within our physical body). This was a wonderful and successful tool during the five years I worked with hospice patients and animals and carry healing energy to every organ and system in the body. I still use it on an on-going basis today by itself and as a wonderful compliment to the other systems I work in as well.

Systemic Constellation Process:

A profound and intuitive process which involves exploration of the issues we face which are often due to unresolved emotional wounds and trauma which can literally be passed down from generation to generation through our familial DNA. It allows the client to gain insight and clarity about themselves, their ancestors and what they might have believed to be their issue that was actually not theirs to own at all. This can create a profound release and sense of well-being. Many people carry shame for things that aren’t theirs to own. I have participated in this process with members of the Muckleshoot Native American Tribe and a variety of participants from around the Seattle area.


A technique that allows us to access information through the unconscious mind with the use of specific dowsing tools which act as receivers of energy.

Compassionate Listening:

This specific method of communication was initially developed as a “tool for change” by activists and peacemakers, Leah Green and Quaker, Gene Knudson Hoffman and Buddhist monk, Thich Hhat Hanh. It was used by delegations of peacemakers to initiate humanizing contact and cultivate compassion for those on all sides of a conflict. In 1997, after experiencing the powerful nature of this work in areas such as the Middle-East, Leah officially founded the non-profit called The Compassionate Listening Project.

After officially training with them, as well as my ongoing involvement in their organization, I’ve found this work indispensable in working within my women’s and teen’s circles, as well as every day communication. www.compassionatelistening.org

Teen Talking Circle Facilitation:

Founded in 1993 as a “safe place to tell the truth”, The Teen Talking Circle Project has supported, empowered and mentored teens for many years. Eventually a circle format was developed similar to that of the Compassionate Listening Project, this communication form has been tailored specifically for teen interaction. As a board member and trained facilitator for The Teen Talking Circle Project, I remain active in these groups. I am in the process of developing a way to use this in working with foster teens that “age-out” of the system at 18 years old and street youth. Our youth have a very big part to play in the future and they need our assistance and support! www.teentalkingcircles.org

Come explore and expand yourself! Stretching isn’t just good for your body!