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"Be the creator of your own destiny, not the victim of circumstance."


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Conscious Listening Your chance to really be heard!

As a trained and experienced facilitator in adult and teen “talking circles”, I have come to have great respect for the empowering, enlightening and supportive outcomes for those sharing and those listening.

How often do we really feel heard? Many of us, if not most, go our entire lives without being able to safely speak our own truths and be witnessed for them with compassion and trust. I have witnessed many times, the profound shift and sense of freedom this creates for people of every age!

Conscious Listening is an art and a wonderful gift. When we truly listen to others as they express themselves, those listening can often hear in their silence, parts of themselves as well.

It allows us to see things through another person’s perspective, helps broaden our views and creates connectedness. Often judgment is replaced by understanding and compassion. We’re all in this “human soup” together!

Women’s Sacred Conscious Listening Circle:

$90---6-week sessions, once per week

Come treat yourself each week to the support and comfort of a like-minded group of women, as we express whatever we feel the need to, in a peaceful, non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere. Speaking our Truths as women enables us to gain clarity and focus and is a wonderful way to begin to grow in ways we never expected. Growing up, many of us were consciously or unconsciously taught to be quiet…don’t make waves… sacrifice ourselves for everyone else... as a good wife…a good mother…a good friend…a good employee…etc. The truth is, every single one of us deserves to be fulfilled and happy! When we honor ourselves, we are better at everything else we do and everyone we do it with.

Do it for YOU!

Circles for Teens:

$90---6-week sessions, once per week

These are created to give groups of girls or boys the opportunity to have a “safe place” to come and be heard by those of their specific gender and/ or age group. This age group often finds it difficult to “see the light at the end of the tunnel” in the problems they encounter and finds it easier to express themselves to their peers. One 15-year-old in a previous group described what it was like to be a teen; “We’re fragile. We have a lot on our minds…a lot we worry about all the time.” Mentoring and rituals which serve to instill pride and the personal growth that comes from “stepping up” into something (coming of age, honoring our elders, etc.) is also encouraged.

Please see the TEENS page for more details.


$50---2-hr. workshop

Every day there seems to be more and more information in the media and conversations between people referring to “energy work”, healing, holistic medicine, etc. Are you confused about what it all means? …why it’s becoming more common? …the basic differences between the different variations of practice?

This class is designed for YOU and the many others, who want to understand the main points this work is based on and what to look for before signing up with a specific teacher or making an appointment with a healing practitioner. Included also will be some tools and some interactive demonstrations you’ll find useful in your day-to-day life.

Come explore and expand yourself! Stretching isn’t just good for your body!

Training in Power Academy, Level I Course

4-week course consisting of 4-hr. classes once per week

"Early Special" at least two weeks prior to the first class:

$400 per person

Two weeks or less prior to first class:
$435 per person


To register please e-mail:

First introduced in 1986, this powerful course is the foundation for all other courses offered by the TIP Academy. It provides the opportunity for a profound shift in “personal empowerment” for anyone seeking clarity, truth and change in their lives. Ancient knowledge which has been passed down in many cultures through the ages, is intricately woven with spirituality into the content. You will learn an efficient system of energy work which will enhance your health and well-being on every level, allow you to discover how to take control and manifest new choices in all areas of your life, live it in passion and ultimately come to know who you really are.

We must each come to the realization that we are all connected as human beings and our thoughts and actions ultimately have an effect on the whole. We can use this knowledge to affect many things in a positive and profound way. This must begin with our own healing.

Upon completion of this Level I course, you will have access to:

  • a meditation and healing technique which engages the active mind and allows you to free yourself from old habits and unhealthy patterns which don’t serve you.
  • a process that will show you how to “manifest” a life of passion, joy, creativity, purpose and personal wellness through interactive demonstrations of principles of energy
  • one-on-one assistance in helping this knowledge work for you on all levels and more through access to a large community of like-minded, supportive individuals
  • the opportunity beyond this course to continue your learning if you choose to in advancing levels of energy work, as well as many auxiliary courses
  • safely develop your natural instincts, intuition and awareness
  • knowledge of how conscious choices we all make have a profound effect on our realities in our daily lives

As the Dali Llama spoke of in his book, “The Universe in an Atom”, science and spirituality are connected just as everything single thing is!

"I have experienced first-hand the wonderful energetic strength and wisdom that Georgia offers. She passed along a particular intention exercise which led to me to be able to expand my intuitive abilities. I am extremely grateful to her for that valuable gift."

Melissa Wadsworth, Author, Speaker and Personal Growth Mentor


"The workshop I did with Georgia was both fun and enlightening. Georgia encouraged me to think about my dreams and ideas. The dream boards we made helped me look deeper into who I am and what I want. I would refer her classes to anyone because she is full of fun ideas and her positive attitude is definitely contagious."

Haley Collins, 19-year old student


"I have been on several retreats with Georgia … her openness to give and to share enhances the group experience and we all benefited from her intuitive nature greatly. What I really love about Georgia is her utter lack of using her gifts to take advantage or to give anything but her best for another’s highest good."

Joan Whittaker, Real Estate Specialist


"I have found Georgia to be highly energetic, positive, and loving. She has incredible intuition about people and a strong passion for making a difference in our world. I would highly recommend her to anyone, anywhere there is work with people involved!"

Karen McKnight, Realtor & Investment Specialist