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Individual Healing Session

$90 / per 1 1/2 hr.

Before I begin my healing work, I like to take the time to check-in with my client to get their feedback on particular issues they may be having, share information which they may find helpful and answer any questions they may have.

Stress and anxiety are powerful precursors to many aliments which affect us on physical mental, emotional and spiritual levels. My goal in individual healings is to help my client in getting grounded and in calming and balancing the body's systems. Also, by building awareness and clarity regarding their individual growth, their innate gifts and their interactions with others, I can assist in empowering them to free themselves from those things which hold them back from moving ahead in healthy ways.

During the healing work, I draw from the numerous modalities I'm trained in, which usually includes Reiki. Over many years of working with others, I've developed ways to use my own intuitive gifts and abilities which I tailor to each individual for the best outcome. Although these healing methods work directly with the body's various meridians or pathways which carry energy throughout every organ and system in the body, they also aid in working with a great deal of information beyond the physical.

Individual Regression Hypnotherapy Session

$90 / hr 1 1/2 hr.

As a certified Regression Hypnotherapist, I assist the client in reaching a very relaxed state which allows them to access their subconscious memory. This can encompass this lifetime or lifetimes before. We each carry "cellular memory" which passes down through our DNA from lifetime to lifetime. By going back as an observer to revisit situations or relationships which may have had strong influences on us, we can often release ourselves from their on-going effects and gain great clarity on situations and relationships in our present-day lives.

This work has allowed my life to unfold in ways I never knew were possible by teaching me how to:

  • live my life without limits
  • develop an even greater spiritual connection in a very profound way, without guilt and judgment
  • let go of many old habits and patterns that have previously kept me stuck and complacent
  • empower others instead of “enabling” them by trying to “fix” them
  • trust myself and the wisdom and information my body holds
  • set healthy boundaries, learn to honor myself and stand in my personal power
  • recognize and make healthy changes in myself when needed and let others own theirs instead of taking it on myself
  • learn to love myself
  • avoid wasting valuable energy on those things I can’t change
  • expand my intuitive abilities and insight in working with myself and others
  • heal on many physical and emotional levels
  • expand my awareness of how to access a vast number of “tools” for improving my life
  • value and honor everyone’s (including mine!) divine right to embrace their own path
  • recognize the very real connection between my physical body, my thoughts and emotions and my spiritual self...

“I have sought healings from Georgia on an individual basis on numerous occasions. Through the use of her strong intuitive insight and extensive knowledge and training in the field of energy work, she was able to help me see and understand how I could change my thinking and actions to remove former patterns in my life which weren’t serving me and create healthier alternatives for myself. I have found my work with her invaluable in moving ahead in my life.”

Heidi Benham, Medical Assistant