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"The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes"
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Georgia Cammann

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We each have the ability to re-create what we want in our lives. We can absolutely re-create ourselves!

I have learned through personal, hands-on experience, the natural world and our own bodies hold so much more wisdom than many people realize. When we know how to access that information, we ALL have the ability to be present, healthy, at peace and fulfilled in our lives.

It’s imperative that we live our lives in an authentic way in honor of “who we truly are”…not someone else’s expectation of that. I refer to this as our “natural state”. Then and only then, can we align ourselves with our true purpose in life and embrace our rite of passage which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s a process… not an event but the payoff is profound!

I also believe strongly that in order to be happy, healthy and whole on all levels… emotionally… spiritually…physically…mentally… we each need to be heard and know that we matter. It’s all very much connected and when one is out of balance, it affects them ALL. This is the beginning of Self-Love and without it we can’t fully love anyone else. By grand design as humans, none of us gets to escape those things throughout our lives which cause us pain. I like to think of them as “lessons”. We’re all perfectly imperfect works in progress!

Have you ever looked back in hindsight at the tough times you’ve gone through and noticed you actually grew from them? Complacency and ease don’t move us forward. There probably aren’t many of these experiences any of us would care to repeat but they push us beyond our comfort zones and show us what we’re capable of. I now know that without my own painful times, I couldn’t have gained the insight and wisdom I needed to grow in so many amazing ways on a personal level and help so many others to do the same. It all prepared me for being able to follow my passion as a healer, as well as opening up opportunities I never dreamed of. There is always a silver lining. To recognize it, we sometimes have to shift our perceptions to see it differently… with “new eyes”.

We can’t change what we don’t recognize. Energy work simply allows us to not only see with much more clarity what we need to change and why but also where the issue started. This type of “energy” is the same “energy” we learned about in school… its physics.

Over the past 12 years, as I have formally trained in energy healing, I have also been fortunate enough to train in the physics of it as well. It’s given me a much clearer picture of how it works. I now understand that energy is the vehicle on which our spirituality, thoughts, healing and dreams ride. What we believe about ourselves has much more power than we often realize.

Don’t settle for less than your best life! We all get what we believe we deserve.

"Georgia is true to herself, as any effective healer must be. She has a great deal of integrity and has done and continues to do the inner work that a healer must do. She has the capacity to reach many people through encouragement of their expression in Light and she comes straight from the heart. She walks her talk and can teach you to do the same with confidence and joy."

Rebecca Singer, Shamanic Healer