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"The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes"

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Interior Redesign ~ Creating a Sacred Space

"Our personal spaces tell our stories…who we are and how we feel about ourselves and our lives."

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The outside reflects our inside… it’s all connected!

Ask yourself:
• What am I holding onto (clutter...emotional baggage…old belief systems that don’t serve me)?
• What could change to make me feel better? Lighter?
• What would be my ideal environment?

Redesign doesn’t have to be expensive! I can create great results with a variety of budget levels, using items you already own or items purchased for your unique space.

Healthy changes begin in our personal spaces; otherwise the redesign is only a temporary band-aid. Creating a sacred space is an act of Self-Love.

My goal is to use my 25 years of knowledge and experience in color and design in an intuitive way to empower each client to discover what we all deserve … a personal space that we love spending time in and that feeds us at a deeper, more grounded level.

I specialize in combining the emotion of color with the principles of great design to create a positive, welcoming energy which inspires warmth and peace. Clutter is a particularly common issue for many people.

As a well-trained practitioner of energy work, I can help you understand the issues which stand in your way of achieving the balance you need to live your life more joyfully.

Georgia Cammann's entryway

Redesign can benefit people who:

• Want to make a change and aren’t sure what to do or how to or how to do it.
• Want to create a special space designed for relaxation and rejuvenation
   especially for them.
• Want to make the best use of traffic flow and features in a room.
• Are going through a life change (i.e., divorce, down-sizing, etc.)?

Redesign Pricing:

Assessment and Recommendations - Consultation (1 ½ hrs.): $150
Timely, full redesign bids always available upon request.
Individual redesign pricing is based on each client’s unique needs which can affect the overall time required.

Georgia Cammann's sun deck

Interior Energetic Clearings

1 Hour Clearing: $100

Previous occupants or circumstances can leave an energetic imprint in a house. Strong emotions such as anger, fear, violence, general unhappiness or even a death can have a very negative effect on those who occupy the space, sometimes long after the initial incidences.

There is a way to go into the residence, clear out the negative energy and replace it with positive. I have done this with success for personal clients and real estate agents, who despite having a property on the market in great condition and priced right, are simply unable to get any potential buyers or even foot traffic.

"As a professional redesigner, Georgia is one of the most intuitive, creative and artistic, with the ability to create balance… all critical elements in creating a warm & welcoming space in my home which invites people to want to spend more time in it."

Russel R.Ervin, Client & Home-Contact-Owner


"I have known Georgia for several years and have had the opportunity to see her intuitive/creative side on numerous occasions. I’ve seen her in the role of business woman dealing with clients and truly listening to them on a multi-sensory level – digging deep to “hear” their true wants and needs beyond expectations."

Joan Whittaker, Former Windermere Broker


"During the two months my mother was cared for in my home by Evergreen Hospice, Georgia was a blessing on her weekly visits with her and our family. The change in the energy throughout the house was very obvious each time she left. At a very difficult time of worry, fear, sadness and anxiety, we never failed to feel the comfort, love and peace her presence and energy work provided us and will always be grateful."

Ruth Anderson, Patient Family Member, Evergreen Hospice