Lorayne Ham Print - Eyes
In Natures Wisdom
Healing for Mind Body & Spirit
“How do you know where you end and someone else begins, if you don’t know who you are?”


I want to share with others what has helped me so profoundly in my own life!

I believe as human beings, we’re not perfect. We ARE however, works in progress and “perfectly imperfect”. We also can’t change what we don’t recognize.

As an energetic healer, teacher, and facilitator I’m deeply invested in “EMPOWERING” others in their personal growth by helping them identify their old patterns which don’t serve them in a healthy way, recognizing why they exist and how to shift their perceptions and energy in order to change them. Anyone can learn this and it’s my personal journey to give others the same opportunity to expand and grow in their own lives that I have been blessed with in mine.

We are ALL connected by everything we say, think and do. It’s the Law of Reverberation in physics. Each and every one of us DESERVES to live our best life, free of self-defeating limitations. It’s about looking at your life with fresh eyes.

“In the 30 years I have known Georgia, I have watched people continuously drawn to her energy. She is a gifted healer who has given of her time and talents throughout this time to ease the suffering of others and empower them to recognize a higher vision of themselves and strive to grow and rise to that level.”

Nona Wong, Beading Artist